Dear Member

On behalf of our society I extend my gratitude towards our immediate Past President, Dr Robert McLennan-Smith and his beautiful wife, Paige, for the sterling work they did in leading the SAAS. Thank you both!

At a personal level I want to thank Dr Lipalo Mokete for agreeing to be the secretary (again). It is an ungrateful job, but done efficiently by a talented person. Thanks Lipalo.

I cannot lead the SAAS without the help of the secretariat of the SAOA, specifically Ms Leana Fourie.

Until now the SAAS existed mainly for dissemination of knowledge by hosting a biennial congress. Times have changed and the most imminent challenge currently is the threat of “Gobal Fees / Bundled Payments”. At the most recent SAAS congress the members gave a mandate and clear direction to both the SAOA and SAAS to act on their behalf. We, the EXCO of the SAOA and the SAAS will work tirelessly to fulfil the mandate to the best of our ability. In that we will need the united support of our members.

For the above reasons I have picked a logo for my time as president of the SAAS. We should be autonomous and free. We can achieve that by empowering us with knowledge and if we stand united.



President SAAS