Dear Colleague

It is with heavy hearts that we have had to make the decision that the planned SAAS 2021 congress cannot go ahead. Sadly, the uncertainty around the second peak of COVID-19, the lockdown regulations on gatherings and international travel bans have left us with no choice but to postpone the event. We were planning a fantastic event with 7 or 8 international faculty and this is just not possible at the moment.

This said, I need to bring two issues to your attention:

Virtual meeting and AGM scheduled for 24 March 2021 from 19:00 – 21:00.

Please save the date and participate. Two international speakers will be honouring us with their on-line presence. They will each give a talk on a current topic in Arthroplasty. They will join us later to take part in a panel discussion re COVID-19. It will be on the COVID-19 situation in their respective countries, the impact the pandemic had on their practices but more important when
and how will they resume their orthopaedic duties. 

The Annual General Meeting of the SAAS will also take place, as stipulated by our constitution. This AGM will be held virtually as part of the scheduled meeting. I do hope we will have a quorum. The constitution stipulates that in the case of a quorum not been present, the AGM should be postponed with 24 hours. I am asking your permission to waive this stipulation as it will
be very difficult to postpone it.

This will also be the official presidential handover from me to Dr Lipalo Mokete.

I urge you to attend the two hours and to participate in the discussion.

Information on how to register for this event and CPD points etc will be forwarded in due course.

Postponement of the March 2021 congress to March 2022

Thank you for your participation in the recent survey re postponement of the Biennial Arthroplasty Congress that was supposed to be held in March this year.

The result of the survey was in favour of postponing the meeting to 16-18 March 2022. That just happens to be in line with the SAAS’s EXCO decision. I am sure we will be able to have a distinguished world-renowned faculty for the March 2022 meeting. We have managed to postpone our booking with the Cape Town Convention Centre (CCCC) to next year.

Please save the date (16-18 March 2022).

JN de Vos
SAAS President