Dear SAAS and SAOA Members,

The CCJR (Current Concepts in Joint Replacement) is one of the best international arthroplasty meeting.

In less than 2 weeks (8-12 December) the Current Concepts in Joint Replacement(CCJR) meeting will be held in the USA. 

As a member of the SAAS (SAOA) special discounted registration fees has been arranged (thanks Dr Koos Jordaan). 

If you register with the code CCJR_SAOA the registration fee will be $125 USD versus the standard fee of $325USD. The program will be recorded and made available to registered attendees within hours after live presentation, thus allowing attendees in other time zones, or with busy schedules, to catch up with the program at their convenience.

(All orthopaedic registtars can register for free. They may use the same link as already listed above. They simply need to attest that they are currently residents in training.)

Highlights of the meeting are:

  • Surgical approaches around the hip
  • Robotic knee
  • innovations in arthroplasty
  • Out-patients and same day discharge joint replacements
  • the most robust debates among the best arthroplasty surgeons in the world.

Please find below flyer and link for more information.


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